Multi-Strategy Fund

The Blockforce Multi-Strategy Fund utilizes a comprehensive set of alpha-oriented cryptocurrency trading strategies within the digital asset (i.e. bitcoin and ethereum) market, with the aim of optimizing risk and return using modern portfolio theory, active risk management, and quantitative finance.



Seeks to provide 80% of the upside, no more than 40% of the downside, and half the volatility of major digital assets markets 


Harnessing artificial intelligence, machine learning, and large scale computing expertise to process vast datasets and make informed trading and risk management decisions


Actively rebalances target allocations based on performance and market risk through a multi-strategy portfolio of return enhancers and risk reducers 

Internal Infrastructure

Market and System Monitoring

We monitor price and volume movements on major exchanges, track Twitter mentions and sentiment, audit cyberintrastructure and trading system health, and integrate with API's that alert us via Slack, SMS, voice call and/or email.

Accounting and Performance Analytics

Built from the ground up: a double-entry accounting system for cryptocurrency and FIAT currency transactions, graphical fund performance analysis dashboard displaying live and historical performance, REST API for automatic recording of trades and feeding account balances to trading algorithms.

Backtest to Deployment Playground

Low-latency decision making platform built on the data stream paradigm. Primary research and deveplotment platform used for exploration of new strategies. Reads and processes live, streaming market information. Smart order execution system that leverages APIWrap library.

Leadership Team

Eric Ervin CEO

Eric Ervin, Chief Executive Officer

Eric is the Co-founder, President and CEO of Reality Shares, Inc., the parent company of Blockforce Capital Management. Eric was recently appointed as a member of the CFTC Technology Advisory Counsel, Virtual Currency Subcommittee, and has been named “as a top crypto pioneer” by Business Insider in their bitcoin Wall Street power list (April, 2018). For the last 7 years, Eric has guided the company from being exclusively focused on dividend growth strategies, to include unique multi-factor investing, and further to being a pioneer and innovator in the blockchain technology investment space.

Our Background


We utilize a Blockchain Technical Advisory Committee that includes some of the most world-renowned names in the digital asset space


We are financial veterans with extensive experience in portfolio management and risk mitigation focused on building portfolios specifically tailored to the unique needs of our clients


Employ highly skilled compliance and operations personnel with experience in both the public and private sectors focused on operational and regulatory efficiency


Computational Astrophysics PhD’s and statistics masters provide high level expertise in machine learning with extensive experience harnessing technology to solve complex problems

Monthly Digital Asset Market Commentary

Our investment team analyzes digital asset market trends, mean reversions, and statistically significant events that we have observed in the past month

Fund Terms

Key Terms
Minimum Investment$250,000
Management Fee2%
Performance Fee20%
Lock-up12-months, on each contribution
RedemptionsMonthly, with 30-days notice
Early Withdrawal Penalty 3%
Investor QualificationsInvestors must be accredited
Offering summaryInvestments offered under Regulation D - 506 (c)
Investment ManagerBlockforce Capital Management LLC
Fund AdministratorStonegate Global Fund Administration LLC
Fund AuditorSpicer Jeffries LLP

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