Read about the new Blockforce Capital: A note from Eric Ervin, CEO

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Blockforce Fund II Multi-Strategy

Blockforce Capital is launching Blockforce Fund II Multi-Strategy, a hedge fund built on the heels of our first blockchain venture capital fund - Blockchain One L.P. The second fund will offer a three-pronged strategy to maximize returns in the blockchain sector across tokens, coins, and ancillary products or services. The fund will have a unique, quantitative approach to cryptocurrency investing using our proprietary AlphaPredator(tm) system.

Fund Strategies

  • Venture Investments

    An early stage venture arm investing in tokenized offerings across core blockchain protocols and Dapps, in disruptive sectors such as supply chain, marketplaces, gaming, IOT, financial markets, real estate, and healthcare.

  • Directional Long Biased

    A digital asset portfolio employing best-in-class asset analysis overlaid with momentum and exposure algorithms to dampen short- and mid-term volatility - dramatically increasing the risk/reward profile. We combine traditional finance risk measurements with modern data analytics and supercomputer-tested mathematical models to curb risk and maximize portfolio efficiency.

  • Arbitrage

    A market neutral algorithmic trading strategy built to capitalize on price anomalies across fractured digital asset exchanges and liquidity pools - designed specifically to remove market volatility and directional risk in our portfolio.