Read about the new Blockforce Capital: A note from Eric Ervin, CEO

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Financial innovation at the intersection of capital markets, technology, and digital assets.

Blockforce Capital is an innovative U.S. based asset management firm that offers investment products in the equity, blockchain and cryptocurrency space through an array of public funds, private investment vehicles, and financial technology services.


  • Reality Shares Exchange Traded Funds & Indexes

    Reality Shares is an innovative asset management firm, ETF issuer and index provider using systematic quantitative methods to deliver products that support a wide range of investment objectives and that seek diversification, low correlation to major asset classes, and long-term capital appreciation. Reality Shares launched the first passive blockchain technology-focused ETF in the U.S. (BLCN), and the first China blockchain ETF in the world (BCNA).

  • Onramp Cryptocurrency Investment Platform

    Onramp will offer simplified access to the cryptocurrency asset class. It will be the first platform to offer one-tap investing in a portfolio of cryptocurrencies, the ability to automatically grow investments with purchase round-ups and recurring boosts, and a wide array of thematic investment baskets for specific blockchain sectors.

  • Blockforce
    Hedge Funds 

    Blockforce hedge funds offer accredited investors access to a proprietary, alpha-generating methodologies that seek to maximize returns in the cryptocurrency asset class. The funds utilize a unique quantitative approach led by esteemed theoretical physicists with backgrounds in supercomputers and computational astrophysics.

Who We Are

Executive Team &
Board of Advisors

The BFC Executive Team is comprised of seasoned executives hailing from diverse asset management, entrepreneurship, and finance backgrounds.

  • Eric R. Ervin
    Eric R. Ervin Co-founder & CEO
  • Charles Silver
    Charles Silver Board of Advisors - Director
  • Fred Hatfield
    Fred Hatfield Board of Advisors - Director
  • Mike Rosen
    Mike Rosen Board of Advisors - Director

Blockchain Technical
Advisory Committee

The BFC Blockchain Technical Advisory Committee is comprised of seasoned entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector.

  • Erik Voorhees
    Erik Voorhees CEO of ShapeShift AG
  • Garrick Hileman
    Garrick Hileman University of Cambridge
  • Jeff Garzik
    Jeff Garzik CEO of Bloq
  • Marco Santori
    Marco Santori President of
  • Matthew Roszak
    Matthew Roszak Founder of Tally Capital
  • Steve Beauregard
    Steve Beauregard Founder of GoCoin